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Born in Beckenham, raised in Penge and Orpington, a Cray boy

I'd fall in love five times a day, always far too shy to say a word, or meet her eye

Poignant memories, goodbye old friends and enemies

We drank, we fought, we danced, we loved and we lied

The road that brings us here is paved with all the dreams that died, and all the schemes we tried

Let's pull it all together and pile it way up high, use it as a ladder that reaches to the sky and gives us overstanding

She breathed softly in my face, cigarettes and Wrigleys spearmint gum

I went back looking for that magic place but it's gone now...

It's a slip road on a busy junction

Looks like a long road, but we travel quickly

It's a drink and a smoke and shop doorway kisses goodbye

The rain that falls as we stand here, is all the tears we cried

And all the pain inside

Let's pull it all together now, pile it way up high

We could build a mountain that reaches to the sky and gives us overstanding

overstand: Rastafarianism, US subculture): To have complete or intuitive comprehension of; to understand fully.

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